Jersey is a beautiful island rich in history, pristine beaches, phenomenal eateries, and incredible sights. Jersey is a popular vacation destination for many locals and a stopping point for many visiting the Channel Islands. 

You can get to Jersey in several ways, either by small plane, by ferry, or hiring a private charter. As the largest island in the Channel Islands, Jersey has an astonishing number of places to visit and things to do. From enjoying picturesque coves to exploring historical sites and architecture dating back to medieval times, such as ornate castles, there’s something in Jersey for everyone to enjoy. Here are 10 of the best things to do and see while visiting Jersey.

  1. The Jersey War Tunnels 

One of the most visited locations in Jersey, the Jersey War Tunnels provides you with an immersive look into history as the Germans occupied the island during WWII. The Channel Islands were the only islands occupied by the Germans during the war, and the Jersey War Tunnels provide a look into what life was like during these difficult times. The museum is located in a partially underground hospital. It allows you to explore the 1 kilometre of fortified tunnels built to withstand allied attacks. Explore exhibits, artifacts, and stories from the locals within this museum.

  1. Elizabeth Castle 

Elizabeth Castle sits atop the rocky cliffs above St. Aubin’s Bay and has played a major role in the defense of Jersey for over 400 years. Remnants of fortifications, battlements, and bunkers serve as a reminder of the occupation during wars throughout history. The castle includes additions by the Germans under their occupation during WWII. Tour the castle’s hidden passages and rooms and learns about the history that spans hundreds of years. From the outside, walk the grounds to the end of the breakwater that extends into the sea. Or you can take in the breathtaking views from the top of the mount.

  1. Jersey Zoo

For trips with the family, the Jersey Zoo is a great place to visit and explore the animal exhibits featuring many endangered species in spacious surroundings. Set over 32 acres, there are over 100 species of animals, from Andean bears to Guernsey goats to the incredible Galapagos giant tortoise. There are two cafes located on the grounds for a break between exhibits to grab something to eat on the go or stop at one of many picnic tables throughout.

  1. Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil Castle, a medieval landmark, was built over 800 years ago and overlooks Gorey, a charming, historic west coast village. The castle features ornate and medieval architecture throughout the structure as you work your way through the main home. As you tour the castle, you can learn about its fascinating history as you explore secret passageways and hidden rooms. While you’re out, you get to see some of the incredible stonework in the statues around the grounds.

  1. La Corbiere Lighthouse

Visit the iconic La Corbiere Lighthouse at the most southwestern point of Jersey in St. Brélade. The lighthouse sits on a tidal island where a causeway leading to the lighthouse is accessible during low tides. In high tides, the causeway becomes submerged, leaving the lighthouse to sit on its own island. The lighthouse itself provides dramatic and stunning views along the rugged coastline. It is one of the most photographed landmarks in Jersey.

  1. The Channel Islands Military Museum

The Military Museums is located in a former German bunker, a critical part of Hitler’s Atlantic wall defense. Dozens of artifacts and exhibits tell stories and provide detailed accounts of what life was like for both civilians and soldiers during the occupation of Jersey during WWII. Explore the displays of ammunition, weaponry, instruments, photographs, and remnants of the food that was often rationed to help conserve the people struggling through life under constant threat.

  1. Plemont Bay

Plemont Bay is a beach seemingly hidden and surrounded by tall cliffs on the northwestern coast of Jersey. The waves make this beach one of the local favorites for surfers and for people to enjoy the sights. Visiting at low tide is optimal for those wanting a sandy beach experience, while at high tide, most of the sand is submerged, allowing surfers, paddleboarders, and kayakers to explore the many caves along the coast.

  1. St. Helier Beach 

Jersey Beach

Enjoy a day at St. Helier Beach, where sandy shores rest among dramatic tides and pools. Take a stroll along the long pier that stretches into the town’s marina. All along the beaches, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of Elizabeth castle. Many shops and restaurants all along the beach feature some of the best seafood you’ll ever taste. It’s the perfect place for a nice day with the family or with your partner, with beautiful scenery and plenty to do.

  1. La Mare Wine Estate

Nestled within the beautiful Jersey countryside, the La Mare Wine Estate, featuring an 18th-century granite farmhouse, is the only vineyard located in Jersey to experience a wine-tasting or distillery tour. The vineyard is next to the Jersey National Park, creating a serene experience for people to go relax and enjoy the peaceful countryside. Enjoy tours of the winery, production areas, and chocolate kitchen. Visitors can enjoy the Vineyard Café featuring many locally grown ingredients on the farmstead.

  1. La Rocque Harbor

At the eastern tip of Jersey, La Rocque Harbor is a small bay features beautiful sandy beaches, a small pier, and many rock pools to find some of the remarkable wildlife. The charming bay is a peaceful place to visit and enjoy the views as you stroll the pier, or if you’re a fan of fishing, bring some gear and try your hand at catching fish. At low tide, the dramatic changes in scenery provide views of miles of sand, gullies, and even reefs exposed.

When you visit Jersey, you’ll be captivated by its charm and diversity. You’ll create lasting memories to cherish as you explore the island. As you prepare to leave, remember that Jersey is more than just a place to visit – it’s an experience that will stay with you forever.

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