When going on holiday, the Channel Islands are a group of islands between England and France in the English Channel that are popular tourist destinations for people around the world. They are rich in history and beauty and offer a tailored experience for anyone and their interests. There are five primary islands for tourists to visit and enjoy: Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, and Herm.

Taking a holiday to the Channel Islands by ferry provides you with an opportunity to explore the diverse islands with a perfect mix of French and English culture. For many of the islands, taking the ferry is the only way to get there. The two largest islands, Guernsey and Jersey, are the easiest to get to, with flights and ferries entering and leaving the islands several times a day. Once you arrive on the bigger islands, all you need to do is book your travel with one of the many smaller ferry companies to get to the islands of Sark, Alderney, and Herm. 

Each one of these magical islands offers so much to see and do, plus a welcoming nature by the locals that can fit any kind of holiday you desire when you’re looking to get away. Channel Island holidays by ferry can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience as you take charming ferry boats to each of these remote islands that you’re sure to enjoy. 

Boat to Sark

Guernsey Holiday by Ferry

The second largest of the Channel Islands, a holiday in Guernsey offers insights into traditional values and a strong community. Across the island, there are breath-taking views as you stroll along cliffside paths and sandy beaches. After a day of exploring, you can enjoy amazing restaurants for fresh seafood straight out of the Channel as you overlook the bay where it was caught. The island features medieval architecture and castles that date back all the way to the 6th century.

The capital at St Peter Port features cobblestone streets, barrier stone walls, and medieval structures now housing boutiques and bistros. St Peter Port is where you can go to catch a ferry to any of the other Channel Islands.

How to Get There

Condor Ferries is a ferry service that runs to Guernsey from Poole and Portsmouth in England and from St. Malo in France. Manche Isles Express is another option to get you to Guernsey from Normandy, France.

Jersey Holiday by Ferry 

The largest island of the Channel Islands and one of the closest to France, just off the coast of Normandy. The French culture is strong throughout the island, with many of the street names in French. The island is 9 miles wide by 5 miles long. The island’s geography is diverse, with expansive cliffs on the north end of the island, incredible bays to the south, offshore reefs on the east side, and sand dunes on the west. 

This island’s history spans hundreds of thousands of years with incredible neolithic monuments on the island, to german bunkers and French fortresses across the island to explore. There are stunning gardens and picturesque scenery everywhere you turn on Jersey. 

How to Get There

Condor Ferries is the only ferry company to travel to Jersey. It operates service to St. Helier from Poole and Portsmouth in England and from St. Malo in France. You can take a ferry to Guernsey and hop on any connecting ferry to get to Jersey if you prefer to switch or spend a day in Guernsey. 

Alderney Holiday by Ferry

Taking a holiday to the northernmost and third largest of the Channel Islands is a quick trip from Guernsey. It’s also the closest to France and has over 50 miles of paths to walk along hidden coves, cliffsides, and golden bays. Alderney is home to incredible Victorian fortresses, WWII batteries, and one of the only working railways where you can take a ride in the London Underground carriage from Braye Road Station to the lighthouse.

How to Get There

A daily passenger ferry goes directly to Alderney from Guernsey by way of the Alderney Ferry Service up to three times a day. You can carry on your bicycle, sporting equipment, and pets for no added charge. Additional ferry rides can be taken from other service providers in Guernsey and Jersey, and with the close proximity to France, you can catch a ferry in the port of Dilette.

Sark Holiday by Ferry

The small island of Sark has a population of around 600 people and is a charming island featuring beautiful nature trails, incredible bay views, and some of the best seafood in the Channel Islands. Sark is for those who want to get away from busy life, and with no cars or streetlights, the only way to travel around the island is by foot, bicycle, tractor, or horse-drawn carriage. The landmarks and historical museums are a must with the rich history of this picturesque island.

How to Get There

Getting to Sark requires a ferry from one of the larger Channel Islands, Guernsey, from the Isle of Sark Shipping Ltd. The Isle of Sark Shipping Ltd. company offers daily round trips for freight and passengers to and from Sark.


Herm is just a quick ride from Guernsey that takes you directly to Herm, a short 3 miles away. The island is one of the smaller islands at only a mile in size, but the views are spectacular, with two expansive stretches of beaches. There are limited shops, restaurants, and pubs to visit while on holiday, with perfect beaches and charming coastal paths that wrap around the island. The wildlife viewing is unmatched, with sightings of puffins, Atlantic seals, minke whales, and dolphins.

How to Get There

For a nice holiday by ferry in Herm, there is a daily 20-minute ferry offered by Travel Triden from St. Peter port in Guernsey.


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