Take a trip to the island of Sark and enjoy the charm and appeal of a simpler life. Considered the crown jewel of the Channel Islands, Sark offers incredible scenery, breathtaking coastal paths, and stunning cliff-top views. The island is one of the only places that has banned cars, and getting around involves a tractor, horses, walking, or renting a bicycle. 

Sark feels like entering another time where hospitality comes first, and the day-to-day is slow and steady. It’s the perfect destination for when you want to get away from the busy office or take a break from your never-ending list of things you need to get done. Sark can be your secluded piece of paradise or your home away from home. 

When you want to enjoy your holiday on Sark, it’s a truly unique experience for families and couples, or if you just want a solo vacation. Before you get away, knowing how to get there, where to stay, what to do, and where to eat is essential to ensuring your holiday is everything you’ve dreamed of and more. 

Where to Stay on Sark

Though Sark may be small, the hospitality of the island is unmatched. You can choose to stay in a luxury hotel, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, self-catering accommodations, and even campsites for glamping or camping under the stars. 

La Moinerie Village – The rooms of the rustic, renovated old farm and medieval monastery offer the charm of the island in a secluded setting. There are nine lodges furnished with beds that can accommodate up to four people in each. The unique village setting features cobblestone paths that weave in between each building. Choose from rooms in the 18th-century farmhouse or luxury private lodges. 

Room-Derrible-Moinerie. Sark

Dixcart Terrace – The Dixcart Terrace is a hidden gem nestled within the Dixcart Valley. The rooms are renovated with a modern yet elegant touch giving you the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of exploring the island. You can choose between a stunning garden view overlooking the private terrace and gardens. Or enjoy a room featuring sweeping views of the valley. 

Stocks Hotel – Stay in the 23 bedroom country house located in the heart of Sark. Easily access any of the restaurants, shops, or sights from your hotel. Within the hotel, you have a choice of a single bedroom, family combination rooms, and luxury suites located within three historic buildings. 

What to Do on Sark

There are activities and adventures to be had fit for anyone. Whether you want to enjoy some of the local restaurants or take in the sights, you’ll never have a dull moment on Sark.

Nature Walks – With no cars on the island and the length of the island spanning a few short miles, walking the many paths makes for a great day of hiking. You can walk along the paths exploring the local flora and wildlife on the island. Walk from coast to coast and be on the lookout for sea birds, including puffins or look for sea life from seals to dolphins. 

Biking the Coastal Trails – Want to cover more ground as you explore the island? There are three bike hire businesses on Sark you can rent a bike during the day to cruise along the coastal trails ensuring you’re able to see every incredible landmark. 

Kayaking the Pristine Seas – From Adventure Sark, you can rent a kayak and explore the coastline from a unique vantage point. You can explore otherwise inaccessible caverns and enjoy rock formations free of human life where wildlife thrive. 

Stargazing on Clear Nights – A holiday in Sark just isn’t a holiday with some of the most incredible stargazing you’ll ever experience. The dark sky island has very little light pollution allowing you to see stars upon stars. Get a glimpse of the Milky Way and enjoy the night sky after a long day of exploring Sark. 

Stargazing on Sark Island

Must See Sights on Sark

Sark has a unique history that spans hundreds of years, and there are a few buildings and sites you must see on your Holiday in Sark. 

Sark Henge – This modern-day marvel was erected in 2015 near Point Derrible on the island’s east side. Nine stones with a central eye in the middle form a ring representing the Seigneur greeting and thanking ancestors in St. Ouen. 

Sark Lighthouse – On the northeast side of Sark, you can visit the Sark Lighthouse, an active lighthouse still in use today. It was built in 1913 to guide vessels through the channel islands.

La Coupee – Take the La Coupee path on the journey to Little Sark and take in the sweeping views on both sides of the narrow bridge across. 

How to Get to Sark 

You can only get to Sark by boat. The Isle of Sark Shipping company offers a year-round service from the neighboring island of Guernsey. Several ferries run each day during the busy, warmer months. The journey is only a short 50-minute ride. 

From Jersey, there is one ferry that runs primarily during the busy season with several trips a day. The ferry ride from Jersey is a little over an hour long and is an entertaining and relaxing journey.

The relaxing ferry ride offers views of the rest of the Channel Islands. As you pass by, you can try and spot any of the wildlife in the sea or on the craggy rocks. The journey to Sark is as exciting as the stay itself. 


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