Escaping from modern-day life is a thought everyone often has throughout their adult life. The island of Sark offers more than just your average getaway. It offers an escape from modern technology, loud city sounds, and the fast pace of everyday life and a way to seemingly travel back in time. Considered the Jewel of the Channel Islands, Sark is a small car-free island featuring scenic cliffside views, a lively community, and incredible countryside.

You can visit Sark by way of a quick ferry from one of the surrounding Channel Islands and transport your way into a simpler life for a quick day trip or, to make the most of your escape, stay for a few days. Finding the right accommodations to suit your needs isn’t a challenge on Sark. While there aren’t any big-name hotels, you can stay in a quaint bed and breakfast or a luxury hotel with elegant architecture that draws from a mixture of English and French inspirations.

Sark Island is a Crown Dependency with a fascinating history enduring self-governing through Chief Pleas and a line of Seigneurs that has changed hands many times over the course of history. Most notably, Dame Sibyl Hathaway was the Seigneur during the World War II occupation by German soldiers. During what could have been a devastating experience, Dame Sibyl Hathaway’s negotiation skills saved the island’s residents during the occupation by agreeing to favorable terms.

The incredible community came out of the occupation, liberated and stronger as a community. As a result, history has helped produce the island people know and love today. The island has been inhabited by families for generations, and together, they formed strong bonds, which adds to the experience for the thousands of people that visit annually. Tourists can experience a wide range of events the locals put on, from poetry readings to markets, to late-night star viewing at the observatory.

Sark Hotels in the Channel Islands

If you’re looking for a great place to stay to experience all that Sark has to offer, these Sark Island hotels offer a charming place to relax and rest after a long day of exploring the island.

La Moinerie Village

Located at the site of an old medieval monastery and farm, guests can experience history and charm in the renovated rooms. There are single-bedroom options within the 18th-century farmhouse, or you can opt for privacy in the lodges in a peaceful village setting. The location is ideal, with a short walk down the beach. If you would prefer the serenity of the island, you can enjoy the calmness of the valley that you can view from some of the rooms.

The Dixcart Terrace

Located in the beautiful, serene Dixcart Valley, The Dixcart Terrace offers a unique stay with your choice of 10 welcoming rooms. The design features high-quality features and design elements as you overlook the valley or the gorgeous private gardens. The rooms offer standard amenities as well as some luxury upgrades such as underfloor heating, complimentary tea and coffee, luxury tubs for soaking, and a continental breakfast.

La Sablonnerie Hotel

At La Sablonnerie Hotel, you enter through stunning gardens and get to choose adorable cottage rooms. When you enter the room, you are greeted by a wood-burning fireplace, cobblestone walls, and gorgeous antique furniture that adds to the charm. There are 22 bedrooms to choose from, and you can also have your own private cottage. Within the hotel, you can grab a great meal at the restaurant serving fresh food right out of the hotel’s gardens and farm.

Stocks Hotel Sark

If you’re looking for a luxurious stay, the Stocks Hotel provides rooms in a renovated and updated farmhouse that was built in 1741 and transformed into a hotel in 1895. With many spacious rooms, suites, and larger family accommodations, the hotel can be a perfect option for anyone looking to enjoy a little piece of history in a relaxing setting. On warm days you can take a dip in the swimming pool and unwind before you head out to explore the coves and cliffsides of the island. The Stocks Hotel restaurant offers fine dining in an upscale setting using locally sourced ingredients.

Sue’s Bed and Breakfast

The Guille family have been inhabitants of Sark island for over 450 years, and the family offers space for up to 7 people in a single ensuite or 3 double and twin ensuite rooms for a total of 4 rooms. Breakfast is served daily on the veranda or in the garden, your choice. You can choose one of the rooms facing the sea and the other rooms overlooking the gardens and the adjoining fields.

Clos a Joan – Sark Holiday Cottages

The Sark Holiday Cottages at Clos a Joan are cottages that were built in the early 1700s. Over time the cottages fell into a sad state and were restored in the 1970s. The buildings were renovated in 2015 and transformed into four cottages you can stay in when visiting the island of Sark. The recently renovated cottages feature a modern decor element mixed in with much of the historical elements of the original cottages that mix some of the old-world charms with the modern comforts making for the perfect stay.

Ready to look for a hotel in Sark? You’ll be welcomed with open arms and true small-town hospitality anywhere you choose. Sark Island is one of a kind and creates a beautiful and unique Sark Island holiday you will remember for a lifetime.

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