One of the most beautiful and scenic destinations in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands are the perfect place for a quick getaway when you’re looking for a nice trip away from the busy streets of London. These islands may be small, and they barely grab the attention of many countries around the world, but they have a lot to offer in charm, activities, and scenery. Because the Channel Islands are nestled in the English Channel, it’s more common for people visiting from the UK or France. The ease of travel, affordability, and location make it easy to step into a world seemingly in another time.

The islands boast charming influences from the two neighbouring European countries. You can’t go wrong with a holiday to any of the islands. But the smallest of the four main islands, Sark is truly a unique experience perfect for a quick weekend getaway, a long vacation, or a short trip away to change the scenery while you work remotely. Sitting at just over 2.10 square miles, 3.5 miles long, and 1.5 miles wide at the widest point, the island of Sark still has a lot to offer.

Sark is one of few places that prohibit the use of cars, and the only way to get around the island is by walking, biking, tractor, or horse-drawn carriage. With no busy streets or traffic lights, the peaceful island setting is ideal for a nice holiday for couples, families, or individuals that enjoy a gentler pace of life every now and then.

Horse and Carriage on Sark

With no airport located on the island, getting there might seem like it’s complicated, but it’s truly only a short ferry ride depending on which route you’d like to take. If you’re looking for the best way to get to Sark from London to enjoy your Sark Island holiday, this guide will provide you an ideal way to getaway.

Getting to Sark Island from London

Traveling to Sark from London or any of the surrounding areas is done exclusively by boat. In order to get to Sark, you will need to travel to one of the other Channel Islands, Jersey or Guernsey, and take a ferry trip from there.

From London, you get to decide how you want to travel to Sark. You can book a flight from London’s Gatwick airport to either Jersey or Guernsey, and it only takes about 45 minutes to get to either island. You can also get to the Channel Islands from any of the regional airports, which can shorten the trip a little for you.

The other option is to hop on a ferry by Sea Condor Fast ferries from the south coast of the UK. The ferries are a bit of a longer trip and can take about two and a half hours on average, but you get the advantage of a trip by sea. You get the opportunity to enjoy the sights, and you might catch some glimpses of wildlife as you make the trip.

Traveling from Guernsey to Sark

If you opt to make the trip to Guernsey, you can choose to explore the second largest of the Channel Islands. Enjoy breathtaking views and take a day to relax on the sandy beaches. Guernsey is known for having great restaurants that serve the freshest seafood caught right from the Channel with incredible views overlooking the bay. The architecture throughout the island has medieval inspirations, cobblestone streets, and stone barrier walls.

When you’re ready to take the trip to Sark, head to the St. Peter Port to catch The Isle of Sark Shipping Company’s year-round ferry and freight service. The trip takes just around 55 minutes on average, and when planning your trip, when you need to catch a connecting flight or ferry back to London, you need to be sure you plan with enough travel time to ensure you make it.

Traveling from Jersey to Sark

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and the closest to France. While it’s not usually the island you’d travel to first by way of London, it’s a great option when you want to take in the diverse geography, historical landmarks, expansive seaside cliffs, and enjoy some of the French cultures throughout the island. Jersey is another wonderful place to take a holiday before you make the trip over to Sark.

Traveling to Sark from Jersey operates only from April to September every year via the Manche Iles Express. The St. Helier Port operates on scheduled sailings, and the trip takes around an hour and 10 minutes.

Mooring on Sark 

Getting there by boat doesn’t have to involve a ferry ride. If you want a more private tour of the Channel Islands, you can charter a private boat to make the trip. You can sail or take a private boat charter. If you do sail or take a private boat, you have the option for moorings at Havre Gosselin on the west coast of Sark or at the La Greve de la Ville bay on the east coast. 

You can moor and enjoy the beaches, sights, restaurants, and shops for the day and head back when you’re ready without having to worry about a ferry schedule or making sure you don’t miss your flight.

Taking a holiday in Sark feels like traveling through time. You can enjoy the peace and serenity of the island, explore the beautiful cliffside beaches, visit the many historical sites and stone structures, and enjoy the welcoming nature of the local community.


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