Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands and is a frequented tourist destination just a few miles from Normandy, France. When you visit Jersey, you get the feel of the British and French influences mixing harmoniously together. French influences are pulled from its close proximity to France and the elements of British influences through its links to the British Crown for over 900 years. 

The coastline of Jersey offers more than just remarkable sweeping views, sandy beaches, and tide pools teaming with life. You have the opportunity to enjoy ample attractions, entertainment, and glances back in time through museums and historic buildings located across the island.

The bustling island is a great getaway and the perfect place to holiday for a diverse adventure. When in the Channel Islands, it’s hard to resist a quick visit to the nearby Isle of Sark, a short ferry ride away. The island of Sark is a secluded island destination in the middle of the Channel Islands between Jersey and Guernsey.

Despite the small island being only three miles long and a mile and a half wide, it’s the perfect place for a quick day trip or to stay and enjoy the peace for a day or two. The unique history and old-world charm have created a place for people to visit, and it’s only accessible by ferry rides from any of the Channel Islands. 

To get to Sark from your holiday on the island of Jersey, you need to book a ferry ticket in advance. You might also be able to purchase a ticket at the port in Jersey and simply hop on the short ferry ride to spend the day exploring the beautiful island of Sark.

Taking a Ferry to Sark from Jersey

Sark can be reached by ferry from the port at St. Helier on Jersey. If you plan on a simple day trip, there are a few trips that allow you up to 7 hours to explore the island of Sark. You can book a ticket from the service offered by the Manche Iles Express in advance online for the foot-only service. The short ferry ride from Jersey is just over an hour to and from Sark. 

On the Manche Iles Express, duty-free products are available for you to purchase in advance and on board. You can purchase alcohol, perfumes, and more to enjoy once you reach your destination but not for consumption as you cross the seas. 

When planning your day trip to Sark, be sure to plan your activities or itinerary ahead of time. With no cars on the island, you want to ensure you are back at the Sark port to make the return trip in time to get you back in Jersey. Purchase your return ticket at the same time as you book your ticket when heading to Sark. There are plenty of activities and sights to see on Sark that will allow you to pass the time with ease.

Getting Around on Sark

After you arrive in Sark, it’s important to note that the island is one of few in the world that do not allow cars. Don’t be alarmed. There are a few options for getting around quickly.

Walking is always an option for those who love to get the activity in. It’s not as bad as you might think, as there are only a few miles to get from one end of the island to the other. Horses are available through the horse-drawn carriages available on the island, and just be aware that they have the right of way. They are silent, so you have to be on the lookout if you’re walking on any of the paths. 

Tractors are a common way to get around, especially for tourists who arrive intending to stay overnight. They are the only vehicle permitted on the island. They tow trailers to shuttle visitors from the ferries to their accommodations. Getting up Hill Harbour is a steep climb, and with luggage, it can be a challenge, so a tractor is well worth the trip. 

There are bicycle hire shops available and in the busy season, booking in advance is highly recommended. Some of the accommodations offer their guests bicycles they have on hand. But be aware of where you cycle, as certain areas and paths do not allow bikes.

What to Do on a Day Trip in Sark

When you arrive on Sark from Jersey, whether it’s to stay overnight or spend the day, the first thing to do is choose how you’re going to get to your next destination. No cars are allowed on Sark, and travel can be done by bicycle, tractor, horse-drawn carriage, or by walking on the many footpaths across the island. It depends on how much you want to pack into the few hours you get on the island. 

With no cars, traffic, or busy streets on the island, you can experience the simpler side of life on Sark. You can explore the stunning coastline and make your way down to many of the beaches and explore fascinating tide pools. Enjoy nature walks on a long winding path among wildflowers, or take a relaxing horse-drawn carriage around the island.

There are a number of cafes and restaurants located on the island with local cuisine using the freshest ingredients grown in the local gardens and the freshest seafood from the bay around the island, many times only being a few short hours out of the water. Enjoy afternoon tea at one of the immaculate tea gardens.

If you have a change of heart and decide to stay on the island, there are hotels and bed and breakfasts across the island to choose from. You can also opt for a more nature-centric stay at one of the many campsites on the island. If you stay, you have to take advantage of the stargazing. With such little light pollution, you can see stars for miles. 

With a holiday in Jersey, taking a ferry to Sark is a great way to enjoy a simple side of life. You can take the day and get to know the unique history, visit the locals, enjoy the eateries, and explore the stunning beaches that Sark has to offer.

Sark Island Beach

The Sark Estate