Sark is one of the smaller islands of the Channel Islands between England and France in the stunning seas of the English Channel. It’s a beautiful, isolated destination perfect for spending a holiday or taking a day trip. With a visit to Sark, you can explore the beautiful beaches, learn about the rich history, or spend time dining at the many local restaurants. 

For centuries this small island has had a unique history as it has grown through time. The quaint, charming island is serene and is one of the only islands that does not allow cars on the island. The only way to get around is by horse-drawn carriage, bicycle, tractor or walking, which adds to the simple charm of the peaceful island. Not to mention that the small group of locals of around 600 people is friendly and welcoming to all.

The island of Sark is a wonderful destination when you want to get away, and the isolation makes it an incredible draw. While the island may be small, there are a lot of great things to do. You can spend the day hiking or cycling the many trails across the island. Exploring the sandy beaches and rock tides to search for sea animals while enjoying the views. Or eat at some of the local restaurants to try some of the freshest seafood caught locally and served with ingredients grown right on the island. 

If you are planning a day trip to Sark or want to spend a couple days of peace on the serene island, planning out how to get there is an essential first step. With no airport, there are only a few travel options to choose from, and it can be challenging but not impossible. The only way you can get to Sark is by ferry from the neighboring islands of Guernsey or Jersey. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to get to the island of Sark. 


Traveling to Guernsey or Jersey 

Getting to Sark requires a trip to Guernsey or Jersey. Guernsey is the second largest island in the Channel Islands, and you can catch a flight or a ferry from either island. If you choose to take a flight, it’s a quick trip to Guernsey or Jersey from any of the UK or France’s local airports. The flight averages around 30 to 45 minutes. 

Small Prop Plane

There are three primary airlines that t you can book to fly to Guernsey or Jersey from the UK:


Aurigny Air


Phone: +44 1481 822886


Blue Islands 


Phone: +44 1481 727567


If you arrive in Guernsey by flight, you’ll want to travel to St. Peter Port which can easily be done by taxi. The taxi company to call is going to be Linda O’Meara Taxi. If you decide to stay in Guernsey to explore and stay a few days, you can head to your accommodations directly from the airport. 

Linda O’Meara Taxi

Phone:  +44 778 1111 218



You can also get to the islands by ferry if you don’t want to fly or you would just rather travel y sea. Condor Ferries can take you from the UK south coast to Guernsey, which takes two and a half hours. They also offer a ferry that operates from St. Malo, France, which only takes about two hours to get to Guernsey, and another from the Normandy coast that takes you to Jersey. 

Condor Ferries 


Phone: 0845 124 2004

If you have the resources and prefer flexibility, you can hire a private charter boat to take you to any of the islands in the English Channel. There are also a lot of companies that offer private boat charters that can take you any day to any port with advanced booking. Book a private boat charter for another option to get to Sark quickly and safely from the UK or France. 

Getting to Sark from Guernsey 

Once you’re in Guernsey, you need to purchase a ticket with a connecting ferry with The Isle of Sark Shipping Company Ltd to get to Sark. They offer a passenger and freight service that runs throughout the year with several sailings daily in the peak season. The ferries depart from St Peter Port Harbor in The Inter Island Quay and take approximately 55 minutes. You can book with the Sark Shipping Company by visiting their website to check the schedule.

Isle of Sark Shipping Boat

Isle of Sark Shipping Company Ltd


Phone: 01481 724059


Getting to Sark from Jersey 

If you need to get to Sark from Jersey, you’ll want to book a ferry from the Manche Iles Express. They operate from Granville and Carteret in Jersey to Sark several times during the week during peak season from April to September. 


Manche Iles Express 


Phone: 00 +44 (0)1534 880756


The Return Trip from Sark

If you planned a simple day trip to Sark, you’d want to ensure you have the itinerary and return trip planned well for connecting ferries or flights. If you decide to stay in Sark, there are plenty of charming accommodations. You can choose to stay at luxury hotels, charming cottages, bed and breakfasts, and even camping options for the adventurous type on this perfect hideaway island.

The return trip home should be planned in advance to ensure enough time for you to make the ferries back to France or the UK. Book your trip with The Sark Shipping Company to return to Guernsey or Jersey and choose either a flight, ferry, or private charter to get you back to the mainland.


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