Nestled in between England and France sits the Picturesque Channel Islands. The islands are a destination where people go to leave their troubles behind and experience a holiday like no other. There are four main islands that you can choose to visit, each with its own unique heritage, historical sites, epic beaches, incredible restaurants, and more. Getting to the Channel Islands requires either a quick flight or a short ferry ride from the mainland.

Sark, the smallest of the Channel Islands, has the most character and offers a place where you feel as if you are stepping through time to a simpler time in life. The island is one of the few places where there are no cars allowed, and you can travel by foot, bicycle, tractor, or horse-drawn carriages. Getting around isn’t a challenge, with the island’s length only around 3.5 miles and the island’s widest point at 1.5 miles.

There’s a special kind of peace and serenity with no cars, no busy streetlights, and less traffic throughout the island. Sark’s lush natural landscape is well preserved and offers dramatic coastal views, incredible cliffside beaches, coves, rock formations, and more.

With Sark being as small as it is and with the regulations of no cars, it’s no surprise that the little island doesn’t have an airport. Traveling to Sark can only be done by boat or ferry service from one of the nearby neighboring islands. Taking a ferry from either Jersey or Guernsey allows you a short one-hour ride across the Channel as you take in the views from the sea of the surrounding islands and their magnificent cliffside beaches and maybe even catch a glimpse of the wildlife.

What Airports Serve the Channel Islands?

Flying into the Channel Islands, only two airports are available on the islands. Visitors can choose to fly into either Guernsey Airport or Jersey Airport. It’s recommended if you’re flying into the Channel Islands that, you fly into Guernsey as the island offers a year-round ferry to Sark. Flying into Jersey is ideal when you’re coming from France or any of the other European countries, but Jersey’s ferry service to Sark only operates during the peak season in Summer on a limited schedule.

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The Guernsey Airport is an international airport that opened in 1939 with a brief halt to flights during the occupation by German soldiers during WWII continuing international flights in 1946. The airport serves several airlines from around the world. The terminal was remodeled to handle more passengers in 2004 and includes a duty-free shop where travelers can get food, snacks, souvenirs, and more. There is a Food Village where you can eat at cafes and grab drinks, along with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and more.

The Jersey Airport is an international Airport that opened in 1937, and services halted during the WWII occupation of the Germans as well. The Jersey Airport has four runways and serves many international airlines. The airport offers standard amenities such as Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and even a post office. There are a number of retail outlets for passengers to shop, along with restaurants and cafes for you to grab a quick bite to eat on the go.

Getting to Sark Island

While there is no airport on Sark Island due to its size, you can still make your way to the little island by way of boat or ferry from Guernsey or Jersey. After you arrive in Guernsey, you can hop on The Isle of Sark Shipping Company’s ferry service, which operates a passenger and freight service throughout the year. The trip only takes about 55 minutes and is a quick trip to Sark. From Jersey, you can take the Manche Iles Express ferry from April to September. The ferry ride from Jersey is a little longer, an hour and 10 minutes. These short ferry rides allow you to relax as you take in beautiful sights during the short ride on the sea.

What to Do When You Get to Sark 

After you arrive on the peaceful island of Sark, there are a lot of opportunities for you to explore. You can take a stroll along the unpaved roads to explore the island, rent a bicycle to ride along the trails, check out the Avenue at the heart of the island, and shop, eat, and relax. The Sark residents have lived on the island for generations and welcome visitors with open arms. They provide a vast calendar full of fun events that you can check out during your stay, including guided walks, historical tours, poetry readings, and star gazing.

There are a lot of historical sites to visit when you get to Sark, including the La Seigneurie, where the Seigneur of the island would live. The architecture is beautiful, and the land is surrounded by a beautiful garden, where you can opt for a guided tour to learn more about the grounds.

There are walking and bike trails all across the island, including the famous La Coupee, a pathway that connects Big Sark and Little Sark with steep cliffs on both sides. The trip to Little Sark offers some of the most iconic views of Sark and the natural landscape.

After the sun sets on the island, you get to experience the night sky as you’ve never seen. Sark was designated as the world’s first Dark Sky island in 2011, with no light pollution and an exceptionally clear view of the night sky. You can head outside of your accommodations or check out the observatory on the island, where the locals provide a guided night viewing regularly.

Visiting Sark

Visiting the enchanting island of Sark, you can experience peace, serenity, and overwhelming joy as you’re warmly welcomed to the island. The island will enchant anyone who makes the short ferry ride with its natural beauty, charismatic locals, and an overall serene experience where you can truly disconnect and relax.

The Sark Estate