When you’re on holiday in Jersey, it’s impossible not to take a quick day trip to visit the neighboring island of Sark. This little slice of paradise is only a short hour and ten-minute ferry to the island, where you can enjoy the peaceful charm Sark has to offer. 

As one of the only islands that have outlawed cars, there’s a serene, old-world charm when you visit. You can walk around the island on The Avenue, visiting the many shops and eateries. Or you can check out the few bike hire businesses and bike around the coast, stopping at any of the scenic bays and inlets to admire the stunning views from ashore. If you’re only spending a day on Sark, these are just a few of the ideal activities you can add to your itinerary. 

Book Your Ferry Ticket

It’s recommended that you plan your trip in advance when planning out a day from Jersey to Sark. There is one primary ferry that runs from Jersey to Sark a few times a day from the St. Helier Port in Jersey. Operated by Manche Iles Express, the ferry transports you to Sark in just over an hour. If you’re able to catch the earliest ferry, it gives you up to 7 hours to spend on Sark to explore and enjoy the sights. 

The Manche Iles check-in closes 40 minutes before it departs, and it’s recommended you arrive at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. You can book your ticket online on the website, and you’ll receive confirmation and your e-boarding access 48 hours before departure. 

Plan Out Your Day

When you arrive on the island, you can certainly move about the island freely, exploring what catches your eye. To make the most of your trip, planning out your sites and visits can help ensure you’re able to get to everything you want to see and do while on Sark for the day. Here are some of the more popular sites that many people love to see when they’re on Sark.

La Coupee – La Coupee is a path connecting Sark to “Little Sark” and offers stunning views on each side of the narrow path. The path is wide enough for a horse and carriage to pass through, but the drop-down is pretty steep, so walking and cycling, you’ll want to be extra careful as you pass, even with the safety rails in place. You can check out the waters by following the designated paths down the steep slopes and taking in the views. 

Dixcart Bay – One of the most popular bays on the island, this little pay offers a serene beach visit with gentle waves and plenty of wildlife to view. The bay is often populated with boats mooring off the coast, also taking in the breathtaking views. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy the beach on Sark. 

Sark Henge – On Sark near Point Derrible on the east side of the island, you can visit a true wonder hidden among the clifftops. The Sark henge was built in 2015 to mark the 450-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I granting the fief of Sark to Helier De Carteret in 1564. Sark Henge features 9 stones made from granite from Jersey, and each one represents a medieval territory on Sark. The viewing holes drilled within the stones line up with an island landmark. 

Where to Eat

Spending a day on Sark, you’ll definitely need to stop and recharge with a bite to eat at lunch or a nice dinner. Sark is known for having some of the best eateries in the Channel Islands, featuring a vast selection of seafood dishes and locally sourced ingredients. 

Spending a day on Sark, you’ll definitely need to stop and recharge with a bite to eat at lunch or a nice dinner. Sark is known for having some of the best eateries in the Channel Islands, featuring a vast selection of seafood dishes and locally sourced ingredients. 

La Sablonnerie Hotel – At La Sablonnerie Hotel, you’ll discover a restaurant featuring a menu seasonally curated to include only the freshest ingredients from the hotel’s farm and garden. Enjoy some of the freshly caught fish or the famous lobsters as one of the more popular specialties of the hotel.

Stocks Hotel Restaurant – The charming restaurant at Stocks Hotel prides itself in its partnership with local farmers and vendors throughout the island. Everything on the menu is sourced locally from Sark when possible, leaning on those relationships built with the neighboring island fisherman, farmers, and other suppliers. Enjoy a meal in the warmth of the fire and the cozy atmosphere. 

Hathaway’s – Just inside the main gates at La Seigneurie Gardens, the renovated 16th-century dairy farm, you can enjoy dining with an eclectic menu suited for all tastes, including a great selection of vegan and vegetarian options. Dishes are updated daily based on the ingredients available throughout the island. You can enjoy meals on the sunny terrace or on those cooler days inside, warming up by the wood fireplace. 

What to Drink

Sometimes a quick refreshing beverage can be just the thing to pick you up as you explore the island. 

Mermaid Tavern – A traditional pub built in the early 1900s that has remained relatively the same over the years offers comfort and stability as a favorite of the locals. The family-friendly pub has a pool table and darts, or choose some up-to-date tunes on the jukebox. Enjoy drinks among the locals and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Smugglers Bar – The Smugglers Bar is located in the Stocks hotel and is open to all. It’s the perfect spot to grab one of the many offerings of single malt whiskies, homemade sark wine, and liquors, or your favorite cocktail.

Bel Air Inn – The Bel Air Inn is known for its traditional ales and ciders and is the perfect spot for a refreshing drink. Grab a pizza and head out onto the outdoor beer garden to enjoy a drink and a slice outside. 

Plan Accordingly for Your Return Trip

If you’ve booked your ferry trip with Manche Iles Express, you likely booked your return ticket at the same time. Be sure to wrap up your activities to be at the port on Sark at least 90 minutes before your return trip ferry is scheduled to leave. The check-in for the return trip also closes 40 minutes before it departs. 

The Sark Estate