Between Guernsey and Jersey sits Sark, a lovely hidden island with incredible views, a small population of 600, and is only a few square miles. It’s one of the few places with no cares and no lights at night and is the perfect place to escape your hectic busy life in exchange for some old-world charm. From fresh air to incredible paths, there are a number of possibilities to get out and enjoy the scenery and what the island has to offer.

Along the coast, there are some incredible bays, beaches, and pools offering spectacular views and versatile beaches to explore. If you’re looking forwards to a visit to any of the beaches, you must be prepared for a challenging climb down or up.

Swimming and bathing in the sea around Sark can be an exhilarating experience. The clear, cool, pristine waters can feel refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. If you’re looking for fun and unique ways to enjoy a swim, there are quite a few places where you can enjoy a nice swim with stunning views.

Sark Beaches

The Sark Venus Pool

Swimming in the Sark Venus Pool is a must for anyone visiting Sark. The elusive Venus pool is only available for a couple of short hours and can be a challenge to get to, so be sure to wear good shoes. 

To get to the Venus Pool, you have to follow the track past Sablonnerie until you reach a gate. From the gate, prepare to follow the steep footpaths that travel along the cliff. The winding path continues down and to the left to find the Venus Pool. When you arrive, enjoy the moment of swimming in clear, cool waters until the tide begins to rise. There are flat rocks that you can sunbathe or relax around the bool. Be careful when you make the trip back up!  

Adonis Pool

Getting down to the Adonis Pool is a lot tougher than the Venus Pool and requires a scramble down the rocky cliffs on a very thin path to reach a platform below. The Adonis is a great place to take a swim among rocks and cliffs and has a lot more sun hitting it than the Venus Pool, but the water is still pretty chilly. 

You can access this pool at low to half tides, but there is fast-moving water that separates it from the mainland, so if the water is higher, it’s recommended you cross carefully and with a partner to ensure safety measures are followed.

Dixcart Bay 

Dixcart Bay is one of the most popular places to enjoy the beach and swim, as it’s the easiest to access on the island. The path down travels along a cliff with a few steps. The picturesque sandy beach at low tide features a gorgeous stone arch, a small cave, and a walking path along the cliff top. Swimming at Dixcart Bay is best done at low tide, although at high tide, it’s a great place to jump in from rocks along the cliffs.

La Cruex Harbour 

This popular beach is a favorite among the locals and children. La Cruex Harbour was the original harbor on Sark used for ships coming from Guernsey until the new harbor opened in 1949. Because it was once the main harbor for the island of Sark, it’s the only beach that has a café and a nearby bathroom. 

Getting to the beach requires you to move through the cliffs approaching through tunnels cut out of the cliffs. The harbor still has a few boats that come to enjoy the beautiful pristine water. 

La Grande Greve

The beach at La Grand Greve is a stunning beach that is lovely for swimming and sunbathing. It has the traditional look of a beach that people enjoy when visiting an island. The path down to the beach is challenging and is not well maintained, although the greenery and wildflowers make it a beautiful climb down. This beach is one of the go-to destinations for visitors when they come to Sark.

Derrible Bay 

The path down to Derrible Bay is a long one but one that is worth the effort with a big beautiful payoff when you reach the beaches. The cove features a sandy beach in the middle, surrounded by rocky cliffs. This beach is accessible both at low and high tides, offering different experiences at each. At low tide, you can relax on the sand and take a casual dip in the water. At high tide, you can have a more exhilarating experience as you jump off the rocks to swim in the deep waters.

Throughout Sark, while there are plenty of wonderful places where you can swim, there are no lifeguards or beach attendants on duty. There are precautions and warning signs, but many of the trails are not maintained, and there are minimal safety measures in place. You will be swimming at your own risk. When heading down to the beach to swim or enjoy the sights, be conscious of the high and low tides to time your visit accordingly.

You’ll want to do your research before you go to ensure you focus on safety first. Be aware that even on the hottest days, the water is going to be very cold. Bring towels and a blanket, and you’ll be good to go and ready to enjoy what the day brings on your trip to Sark!

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