The island of Sark, located between France and England, is a popular destination for those exploring the Channel Islands. The destination brings visitors to a peaceful, charming place full of simple worldly delights. People come to Sark to escape the busy, hectic life they lead within the city and even in the suburbs.

The small island brings people from all walks of life to enjoy the scenic beaches, try the incredible food, and enjoy the quiet life of the locals. The no cars or large populations to overcrowd this three-mile by one-and-a-half-mile island.

When you’re planning a holiday to Sark, there’s a lot to consider. Getting to Sark is only accessible by ferry from the surrounding islands. Getting to Jersey or Guernsey, you can take a ferry from France or from England, and both islands have a local airport for a quick flight over.

Sark Island Map

From there, you will catch the ferry over to Sark to stay for a day or two and enjoy Sark’s eateries, gorgeous pathways, and more.

Being an island, it’s hard to imagine any other weather than sunshine for days most of the years. But this little island is located in the English Channel, not in the warm Caribbean waters. The weather can be varied, and it’s important to know what to expect when you arrive so you can plan your activities and dress accordingly.

The Average Sark Weather and Climate 

With its location within the English Channel, the general climate is similar to the rest of the Channel Islands and has an oceanic climate. The weather is more favorable on the islands, with warmer summers that aren’t unbearable hot and cool winters that are mild but not frigid.

From June to August, you can experience the warmest weather of the year and most days of sunshine. The days are long and warm, with the average temperature around 70 degrees every day and the lowest chance of rainfall. Throughout May and September, the temperatures are a little lower, but Sark still enjoys a lot of sunny days.

The winter brings shorter, colder days and even colder nights. Between December through February on Sark, you can expect more rainfall, where the average high temperatures hover around 45 and 55 degrees. If you’re looking for a trip to Sark to experience snow, if it happens at all, it’s more likely to occur in March when it would be the deepest.

What to Do on a Rainy Day in Sark

While much of the year in Sark may be filled with sunshine, the weather isn’t always predictable.

So what do you do if you find yourself on the island and it’s a little dreary?

Sark understandably has a focus on the outdoors. When a little rain enters the forecast, there are plenty of enjoyable activities.

Mermaid Tavern – Grab a drink with the locals in the cozy local favorite spot. Play some darts or shoot some pool to pass the time as you get to know the locals or visit with other tourists in the same boat.

Explore St. Peter’s Anglican Church – Take a little tour of St. Peter’s Anglican Church and take in the beautiful architecture and immaculate stained glass windows. The tapestries adorning the walls were stitched by the locals, and the cushions are embroidered by the keepers at the Point Robert Lighthouse.

Take a Pottery Class – Try your hand at creating some pottery with Lorraine Nicolle. Advanced booking is recommended during the busy season, but it’s always worth a shot getting in when the weather isn’t on your side.

Delight in a Sweet Treat – There’s nothing better than chasing away the rainy day blues than enjoying some homemade chocolates. Caragh Chocolates has been a staple on the island and deliver an incredible selection of chocolates.

When is the Best Time to Visit Sark

Visiting Sark is best done during the warmer months unless you’re looking for a quiet country escape any time of year. There’s nothing quite like cozying up to a fireplace when it’s cold and rainy outside. Plus, when you visit during the cooler months, the price of a stay tends to drop.

The coldest month is February when the average temperature during the day is around 48 degrees Fahrenheit as the high.

The warmer months from April to October have the ideal weather for visiting the island of Sark.

If you’re looking to narrow down the best time to visit Sark, August hosts the most ideal weather, with the average temperature hovering around 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

November can be a nice time of the year to visit as the weather is relatively mild compared to the dreary weather you might find over in the UK. If you do choose to visit in the fall, you can enjoy the milder weather and the changing leaves and still be able to enjoy the island life.

While Sark Island sees most of its visitors around the Summer season, Sark can be an enjoyable experience all year long. If you’re looking for a more outdoorsy getaway, taking a holiday to Sark in the Spring and summer will be your best bet. Enjoy some of the more indoor activities during the fall and winter months when many of the locals offer events and courses, or you can take a trip around the island in the fall and enjoy the fall foliage and colors as the season changes.

No matter when you visit, Sark is sure to be a holiday you won’t soon forget.

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